Meet Your Match

 Whip or salve? Lavender or Calendula? 

Not sure which of our products is the best match for your skin type, condition, uses and needs? Refer to the chart below to either learn about each product individually or to pair your needs with the products that will work with your skin!

Please note that tallow, in itself, is recommended for nearly every skin need and condition imaginable, so any of the products can realistically be used for all the conditions listed below. For example, the tallow alone would make any of the products great for dry skin, but the ones checked on the chart also have herbs that are known to be moistening. 

The chart indicates which combination of herbs is best suited for each condition based on the herbal actions and affinities. Checkmarks indicate our personal recommendations for each condition, with our top choice displayed as a red checkmark. 

We’d also love to help if you need any additional help.


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Not seeing a red check (personal recommendation) for Oily or Dry skin. I’ve read that Yarrow dries, Neem infused Manuka is a go-to (a gift I received from Hawaii) and Aloe, is well, moisturizing, toning -whatever you need it to be, I apply Grape seed oil over mine for sun exposed skin. I also have heard, and can personally attest, that Tea Tree essential oil is mean to skin, no matter the carrier oil, ratio, even on oily skin. Thank you for going the natural route and paving the way for others to follow.

Marie Avis June 08, 2023

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"This moisturizer is pure luxury!  It is light, creamy and goes on smoothly.  The smell is subtle and not overpowering.  I use it at night and my skin looks nourished and radiant in the morning.  This has really been a game changer in my skincare routine! "

-Lynette about Beauty Whip