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10 Steps to a More Sustainable Kitchen | Live Sustainably

Now that we've got you fed and well-nourished from last week's Live Sustainably blog, let's talk kitchen gear. How do you reduce waste and make your cookware last you for years to come?  Hint: it's not by buying the cheap plastic spatulas, the 50-piece set of plastic tupperware and the latest in non-stick pans. It may require an investment in fewer, high-quality items that will serve you well for years to come.  Let's get started:  1. Get Lots of Freezer Space. This tip is key and, if you have an Instant Pot, you can truly spare yourself many last-minute grocery trips! While it does take some extra energy to run the freezer, the gas and time it saves running to the store...

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15 Ways to Minimize Your Grocery Trips! | Live Sustainably

Welcome to our Live Sustainably series!  While grocery shortages are sweeping the country, we're surprised to find ourselves rather well equipped.  Why? Because we live in the country, 20 miles from the nearest grocery store. Learning to live sustainably was a lifestyle that was forced on us awhile ago. We’re used to freezing milk, making our own bread and planning a month’s worth of meals in one grocery store trip. So, since we know this may be a new way of life for many people, we thought we’d share some tips in hopes that it will help others get through this time with as few grocery store outings as possible. We’ll cover food, kitchenware, household items, toiletries, baby essentials, etc. in the next...

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How to Make a Hydrosol

Follow along as we teach you two ways you can to make a hydrosol in your own kitchen! What is a hydrosol? It's a method of extracting plant constituents using steam distillation. It not only captures the water-soluble essential oils, but also all the other water-soluble plant constituents - giving them even more therapeutic properties than an essential oil by itself. They're also gentler and safer than essential oils and can be used with or without dilution.  Use them as a refreshing facial mist, facial toner, linen spray, air freshener or household cleaner. You can also add them to bathwater or spray them on cuts or bug bites. The possibilities are endless! We hope you enjoy!

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How to Lather Your Tallow Shave Soap

Whether you're new to wet shaving or a master of the art, here are a few tips to getting the best lather out of our tallow shave soaps.  First things first, we recommend a couple items to make your shave experience that much better:  A badger-hair shave brush (or your wife's old blush brush will work fine too) A shave mug (or any standard coffee mug will do) Step 1: Wet your brush thoroughly. It should still be dripping wet when you put it in the soap. Step 2: If using the full sized shave bar, put it into your shave mug and add a splash of water.  Step 3: Swirl your brush vigorously on the top of the shave...

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