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Why You Should Try the Oil Cleansing Method

Using oil to cleanse oil? This may sound counter-intuitive. How can we remove excess oil from our skin by adding more oil to it?  Oil and water don't mix, that's why we use soap to help break down oils into water-soluble particles. However, using soap strips oils from your face and raises your skin's pH, breaking down your skin's natural lipid barrier and removing beneficial bacteria from the skin's surface - bacteria that help your skin fight acne and protect you from other infections.  When you strip the oils from your skin, not only are you drying it out but you're causing it to overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness and to help re-balance the skin's pH.  Additionally, disrupting your skin's lipid barrier can lead to all kinds...

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How to Detox Your Beauty Sleep with Natural Bedding

One important aspect of beauty is good beauty sleep. It doesn’t matter what you put on your skin, how much water you drink, what your diet is, if you’re not getting good rest your skin and your body will show it. Recently, my husband and I upgraded our bedding in preparation for the birth of our second child. We wanted to make sure that every item we purchased was made with 100% natural materials, not only because they’re long-lasting but because we wanted to rest easy knowing we weren’t spending hours each night surrounded by toxins. What's Wrong with “Regular” Bedding? When our first child was a newborn she slept in our bed and we noticed some mornings she’d wake up with a slight...

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How to Apply Tallow to Your Face

Learn how to properly apply your tallow whip as a daily facial moisturizer. A few tips to take with you: Using the proper amount of tallow is important. Too much can leave your skin feeling greasy, but the right amount should absorb completely into your skin. Oily skin types may want to use less, while dry skin requires more. To prep your face for maximum absorption, we recommend using a facial toner, such as a herbal hydrosol (or flower water). Using a massage tool, such as a gua sha, helps improve circulation in your face and increase the tallow's benefits.  Tallow's texture depends on the temperature, so it may be more firm in cold weather. Warm the tallow between your...

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Our Favorite Personal Care Hacks | Live Sustainably

Our sustainability series continues this week with some of our favorite tips and hacks for personal care items.  I know what you're thinking, making the change to living more sustainably isn't something that happens overnight, or even within a couple weeks of sheltering in place.  The real reason we're continuing with this topic so extensively is because we know this time has been eye-opening for many.  The norm is to just hop on over to the nearest store to effortlessly get any item you could possibly need for cheap. We never realized that many basic items we need are things we can rather easily make ourselves.  Our challenge to you is to try a few of the following suggestions, or come up with your...

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Detox Your Skincare - Week 3 | Beyond the Beauty

We’re rounding out this month’s Detox Your Skincare series by spotlighting the beauty cabinet. This may be a soft spot for many of us who have become dependent on the promises made by beauty brands. Our overall approach, however, is to simplify and return to the natural beauty that we were created with. Step #11: Say Goodbye to Commercial Shampoo & Conditioner Some of the biggest culprits for toxic additives can be found in shampoos and conditioners. Companies know that people will pay big time for a magic product that can make their hair more manageable, so they load them with a variety of chemicals to strip oils, add shine, detangle, etc. Not to mention the perfumes, artificial colors, thickeners, lathering...

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