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Why You Should Try the Oil Cleansing Method

Using oil to cleanse oil? This may sound counter-intuitive. How can we remove excess oil from our skin by adding more oil to it?  Oil and water don't mix, that's why we use soap to help break down oils into water-soluble particles. However, using soap strips oils from your face and raises your skin's pH, breaking down your skin's natural lipid barrier and removing beneficial bacteria from the skin's surface - bacteria that help your skin fight acne and protect you from other infections.  When you strip the oils from your skin, not only are you drying it out but you're causing it to overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness and to help re-balance the skin's pH.  Additionally, disrupting your skin's lipid barrier can lead to all kinds...

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Infused Oils vs. Essential Oils

What's the difference between an infused herbal oil and an essential oil and why don't we use any essential oil in our products?  When we started out as a skincare company, we used essential oils in our products. It's common practice not just among tallow skincare companies, or even skincare, but there's an abundance of products on the market today with essential oils on their ingredients labels.  At first, it seemed like an obvious choice. Essential oils smell amazing, effectively masking any other odors in the product's ingredients, you only need a small bit of them per batch, they are relatively shelf-stable and easy to work with. Overall, they were definitely the easy way out when it came to formulating...

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