Price Increase

You may have noticed a slight price increase on our tallow salves and whips. 

We have significantly increased the amount of infused oils we've added to our formula to make our tallow whips and salves even easier to apply, giving them a more desirable consistency and a more potent herbal application. While the base of our formula is tallow, a healthy animal fat, jojoba is our primary plant oil, which is costly but we believe it to be a superior plant-based oil with an incredible array of benefits, making the cost worthwhile. 

Not only does this increase our costs for the oils, but also requires us to plant, grow, harvest, dry and infuse more herbs for these oils as well. 

Tallow whips and salves are an incredibly work-intensive product to create, especially in small, handcrafted batches. We work to source as many ingredients as possible from our own ranches and gardens, which makes for a very long and multi-step process for each carefully selected ingredient. However, this ensures that we can control the quality and freshness of each ingredient and makes our product incredibly sustainable and locally-sourced, having a positive impact on our world and helping to reduce waste, pollution and exploitative work conditions.  

Watch this video to see the work required simply to harvest one of our herbs by hand. 

We love and appreciate each and every one of the amazing customers that we've had the privilege of serving through each of our handcrafted products. It brings us so much joy to see the skin transformations that the use of tallow has brought into your lives and we hope to continue making these unique tallow products available to you.  

Much love- xoxo,

texas tallow


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"This moisturizer is pure luxury!  It is light, creamy and goes on smoothly.  The smell is subtle and not overpowering.  I use it at night and my skin looks nourished and radiant in the morning.  This has really been a game changer in my skincare routine! "

-Lynette about Beauty Whip