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If you've tried our products and fallen in love with tallow's amazing skin benefits, our influencer program may be a right fit for you!

Whether you're sharing to your Instagram following, making YouTube vlogs, hosting beauty parties at your house or simply sharing with friends over coffee, our influencer program offers you the opportunity to earn up to 20% of sales that you drive to our site for the lifetime of the customer! The more sales you accumulate, the higher you advance in our influencer rankings, which gives you access to additional perks along the way. 

We hope that becoming a Texas Tallow influencer will be a fun and exciting opportunity and we look forward to adding you to our tribe!

influencers, instagram influencer, affiliate programs for influencers, green beauty blogger

Program Perks 

  • Up to 20% commissions on sales that you refer for the lifetime of the customer 
  • Product discounts and freebies
  • Be the first to try new products
  • Year end gifts, incentives and fun contests
  • Access to digital and physical marketing materials and giveaways to reward your followers and help grow your business
  • Direct contact with our staff to answer questions, submit feedback and help you succeed
    influencers, instagram influencer, affiliate programs for influencers, green beauty blogger 

    Are We a Match?

    • Do you value limiting your exposure to toxins and artificial ingredients both in and on your body? 
    • Do you acknowledge the importance of having animal fats not only in your diet, but in your skincare as well, giving you benefits that you can't find in plant-based alternatives?
    • Do you appreciate the amazing benefits of using whole herbs in skincare and overall health for a balanced, holistic approach to wellness rather than isolating and extracting single constituents from herbs?
    • Do you champion local and sustainable ingredients that can be made simply and by hand? 
    • Do you desire to honestly and intentionally lead others into wellness, to educate about the importance of clean, natural beauty and to steward your influence for the good of your followers rather than money?
    • Are you committed to educating yourself about our products, the benefits of our ingredients and methodology, so as to truthfully represent both the products and their appropriate uses?

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