You may notice an item in your cart offering you the opportunity to get shipping insurance. We offer this as a courtesy in the event that your shipment gets lost or damaged in transit. 

We do our best to ensure your purchases are safely packaged and delivered to the default (USPS) or parcel delivery service of your choice, but cannot guarantee their safety from there. We are not liable for lost, damaged or stolen items that result from the carrier services used. 

If you opt out of our shipping insurance option, you will not receive a replacement package if anything should happen to your shipment before it reaches your hands. 

If you opt into shipping insurance, we will do our best to correct any damage done in transit via a replacement or full or partial refund, depending on the nature of the claim. However, if items are out of stock, they may not be eligible for replacement.

We require proof of damage (a photo of the product as it was received) and are not responsible for any shipping errors that result from being provided with an incorrect shipping address. We also aren't liable for products that were damaged after being delivered (like if your package was left in a hot mailbox all afternoon or left out in the rain). 

We also reserve the right to reject requests for refunds or replacements for orders that are marked as delivered by the parcel service, since we have no way of confirming or ruling out fraudulent claims and will determine eligibility on a case by case basis.

Click here to file a claim. Please be prepared to provide an image of any damaged items.