The Clean Closet is an online thrift store that only carries items made of natural fibers to help you eliminate toxins from your wardrobe and home. We adhere strict guidelines for each item we add to our shop. You can count on each item to meet the criteria below.

Shop Guidelines

  • 95-100% Natural Fibers (up to 5% allowed for stretch items)
  • High-quality and timeless styles 
  • Plant-dyed and organic when possible
  • No "wrinkle-free" or other performance finishes if labeled
  • All items at least 50% or more off the original price
  • No polyester ever! 

Benefits of Shopping The Clean Closet

  • Natural fibers are breathable, comfortable and sustainable
  • Limiting exposure to synthetics reduces the amount of toxic build-up in your body, can help with allergies and skin conditions like eczema, make you less itchy and more comfortable
  • Second-hand items are well-washed before you get them, helping to reduce the amount of chemical finishes and dyes that are present on the item
  • Buying second-hand gives you access to high-quality fibers and brands that are normally expensive for a more affordable cost
  • We do the searching for you, saving you trips to the thrift store and a LOT of time digging through racks
  • You can find those rare synthetic-free items made by brands you love 
  • Discover new brands making more natural alternatives 
  • Shop refresh every 2-3 months with more rare finds for you to browse