All About the Oil Cleansing Method:

Back in 2013 I lived with a doctor and her husband while I was attending college. They introduced me to the Paleo/Primal way of eating, CrossFit and all things natural beauty. At my birthday get-together we had a spa night and that’s when I first started using the Oil Cleansing Method.

            So much about skincare centers on a fairly harsh approach that focuses on stripping the skin and creating a “squeaky clean” face while disrupting the skin’s microbiome. The skin has a natural cleansing and protection system in place by producing its own oils. When we use harsh cleansers, scrubs/irritants, or cleanse too often it can damage or interfere with this natural system. The oil-cleansing method uses oil to maintain the skin barrier while attracting and removing dirt/impurities from the skin.

My skin is naturally pretty dry, but even my friends with oily skin seemed to see the benefits after consistent use. The great news is our oil cleansers utilize jojoba extract, which is great for dry skin, oily skin and all skin types in between. We infuse whole herbs into our extracts to create a simple, yet highly effective cleanser.

Follow the steps below to gently cleanse your face, but not strip away its natural oils


  1. Its best to start with a clean slate. Remove make-up or other skin products first. You might experiment with going through this cycle twice: first to remove make-up and the next to cleanse.
  2. Gather your oil cleanser (choose from our Daily Love, Detox or Calm) a clean washcloth, and a clean dry towel. Use towels with natural fibers like 100% cotton-bonus points for organic cotton!. Avoid synthetic fibers like microfiber towels, which are often plastic-based and can irritate the skin.
  3. Thoroughly rub a pea-dime sized amount depending on your skin needs into your face and let sit for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Warm the washcloth and place over your face until it cools. Carefully wipe away the oil, being careful not to scrub or irritate the skin.
  5. Follow up with your favorite toner like pure Witch Hazel.
  6. Lock in moisture with our Beauty, Bloom, or Luxury Whips formulated for the face.



Be careful not to overheat your washcloth. Some methods encourage really hot water and using “steam” to clean the pores, but this can irritate the delicate skin on the face.

 Pat or air dry after cleansing. Don’t rub the skin dry.

Depending on your skin type you may need to oil cleanse every evening. For more dry skin types experiment with every other day or maybe only once a week. Over cleansing is not beneficial. We recommend using only pure, cool water in the morning followed by a moisturizer and oil cleansing a maximum of once a day, in the evening.

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