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Our passion is providing you with non-toxic essentials that you can feel confident about. We handcraft organic skincare using healthy fats and herbal-infusions. We also provide second-hand clothing made of natural fibers. Everything you find here has your holistic health and wellness in mind. Happy browsing!

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We Embrace Healthy Fats | Tallow is the foundation of our products. It's a nourishing healthy fat that is highly compatible with human skin, meaning it's easily absorbed and delivers lasting moisture. Our KPH tallow comes from grass-fed and finished cows that have never received antibiotics or hormones. 

No Fragrances or Essential Oils | We use infused herbal oils that capture a broader spectrum of the plant's beneficial constituents, are gentler than essential oils and can be made sustainably from our own gardens.

Local and Sustainable | Our products are handcrafted in our farmhouse with tallow that comes from the beef ranch we live and work on, herbs mostly grown in our own gardens and jojoba pressed in the USA.

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We know it's a struggle to find clothes that aren't full of itchy, skin-irritating synthetics and doused in unnecessary harmful chemicals. That's why we've created The Clean Closet. A thrift store that fields out the bad and seeks out natural, high-quality items. We set our standards high so you can browse with ease. What you can expect:

Natural Fibers | Everything is made of 95-100% natural fibers such as linen, silk and wool - NOT petroleum-based synthetics. We choose organic and plant-dyed when possible to safeguard your health and provide maximum comfort and breathability.

Thrifted | Second-hand and well-washed items contain fewer chemicals, helping you lighten your toxin exposure.

Affordable | All items are discounted 50% or more off original price, allowing you to stock up on premium fibers and quality brands.

High-quality | Good craftsmanship and functional wardrobe staples allow you to wear these items for years to come.

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Price Increase

Price Increase

You may have noticed a slight price increase on our tallow salves and whips.  We have significantly increased the amount of infused oils we've adde...

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