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Our passion is providing you with non-toxic essentials that you can feel confident about. We handcraft organic skincare using healthy fats and herbal-infusions. Everything you find here has your holistic health and wellness in mind. We hope you unveil your best skin yet!

why you should embrace fats in your skincare

1. IT'S COMPATIBLE WITH HUMAN SKIN - Tallow has a similar fatty-acid profile to your skin, so it is readily absorbed - moisturizing and delivering nutrients deep into your skin.

2. IT DOESN'T REQUIRE PRESERVATIVES - This makes for a truly clean, natural product with ingredients you can feel good about.

3. INCREDIBLY NOURISHING - Human skin needs fats to maintain a healthy barrier function. Get an extra boost of nourishment with tallow's fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

4. DOESN'T CLOG PORES - Tallow is a saturated fat that won't clog pores, unlike many plant-based fats.

5. SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - Tallow is a generally unused byproduct of beef production that we source locally and render ourselves.

More About Tallow

what makes the


We Use High Quality Tallow | Our KPH tallow comes from grass-fed and finished cows. You can be sure that each jar of Texas Tallow is packed with vitamin-rich leaf tallow (or suet) from around the kidneys. 

No Fragrances or Essential Oils | We use infused herbal oils that capture a broader spectrum of the plant's beneficial constituents, are gentler than essential oils and can be made sustainably from our own gardens.

Local and Sustainable | Our products are handcrafted on our farm with tallow that we pick up personally from the beef ranch we partner with, herbs mostly grown in our own gardens and jojoba pressed in the USA.

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