We founded Texas Tallow with a desire to better understand ancestral skincare and spent hundreds of hours perfecting the rendering and product-making process. Since 2018 we have rendered all of the tallow used in our products and grown the majority of the herbs used in our products. We are committed to products that are:


  • Essential Oil Free: You will be hard-pressed to find "natural" skincare products aren't filled with essential oils. That's why we're committed to offering products that are completely free of them.  We use infused herbal oils and other handcrafted extracts that capture a broader spectrum of a plant's beneficial properties. These are gentler than essential oils and can be sustainably sourced from our own gardens or wild-crafted.
  • Herbal Infused: Everything we create is, in some way, connected to the purity and beauty of herbs and ancestral fats. Using botanicals in our products isn't just our passion, it's what makes our offerings unique and safe for all skin types.
  • Ancestral: We're committed to the purity of our products and strive to make them as natural and unadulterated as possible. While there are many shortcuts available these days to make things easier for product makers, we seek out those who are dedicated to the time-honored traditions of keeping their products as pure and natural as possible. For example, we don't add fragrance oils, essential oils, stabilizers or preservatives to our products. We find ways to use natural elements to create a subtle aroma, even if it takes more effort and produces a less overpowering result. Sometimes, this commitment means a shorter shelf life or more specific storage requirements, but it brings you a fresher, more vibrant product that we believe is worth the extra care.
  • Top Quality: We strive to provide you with the most effective products we can, while still maintaining an artisan-handcrafted feel. Our meticulous methods are a step above other brands, not because its convenient, but because we believe it brings you the highest quality.
  • Locally Sourced: Our products are crafted right here in the USA, and we source our ingredients as locally as possible as well!