The Herbal Artisan Market began with the vision of gathering together a collection of products that are not only good for you, non-toxic but that are genuinely unique, well-made handcrafted goods. 

We're passionate about stocking products that are: 

Essential Oil Free. These days, it's easy to find "natural" skincare that is loaded with essential oils. It's not as easy to find brands that are committed to finding other ways to impart the goodness and aroma of herbs into products. That's why we're committed to only offering up products that are essential oil free. Everything you'll find in our shop is a wonderful alternative to essential oils, which also means most will only have a mild or faint scent. This helps us ensure our products are gentle and safe while still being full of herbal benefits. 

Handcrafted, Small Businesses. We also love seeking out skillful artisans who carefully and painstakingly craft high quality products using years of expertise and first hand knowledge rather than larger companies who are more removed from the manufacturing process. We love it when business owners are personally involved in every step of their product making, because it gives a quality and personality to the product that simply can't be replicated by bigger companies. 

Herbal. Everything you find here is in some way tied to the purity and beauty of herbs and other natural materials. We love using and working with plants in everything from household to skincare to food to our kid's toys. Incorporating the beauty and function of botanicals into our products is not only our passion, but it makes our offerings unique and elevated. Why settle for a plain lip balm when you can have one infused with vanilla and rose? Why not add a spritz of lavender to your household cleaner? Everything, it seems, is better with a bit of herbal goodness. 

Pure & Natural. We're committed to the purity of our products, and strive to make sure they're as natural and un-adultered as possible for each product category. Sure, there are a lot of short-cuts these days to make it easier on product makers. But we seek out those who are committed to doing things the hard way, and sometimes the old-fashioned way, to keep their products as pure and natural as possible. We don't add soy (which frequently contains paraffin) to our candles or fragrance oils, though it may make them smell lovey. We find ways to use natural elements to impart a scent, even if it's more work and produces a more subtle result. Sometimes this value may result in a shorter shelf life or more maintenance for storing it, but it brings a more fresh, vibrant product that we believe is worth the fuss and bother.