How to Apply Tallow to Your Face

Learn how to properly apply your tallow whip as a daily facial moisturizer.

A few tips to take with you:

  1. Using the proper amount of tallow is important. Too much can leave your skin feeling greasy, but the right amount should absorb completely into your skin. Oily skin types may want to use less, while dry skin requires more.
  2. To prep your face for maximum absorption, we recommend using a facial toner, such as a herbal hydrosol (or flower water).
  3. Using a massage tool, such as a gua sha, helps improve circulation in your face and increase the tallow's benefits. 
  4. Tallow's texture depends on the temperature, so it may be more firm in cold weather. Warm the tallow between your hands before application if it's more solid. 
  5. Tallow serves as a great follow-up to the oil cleansing method
  6. Apply tallow to areas prone to fine lines and wrinkles. 



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-Lynette about Beauty Whip