Ten Things You Need to Know About Us

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  1. We’re Wiepie and Samantha—old college roommates turned business partners with a relationship first, business second philosophy.
  2. A certified nutritional therapist, Wiepie has a collection of various nutrition certifications and uses them to teach and serve clients in her community, leading them into whole food diets and helping them detox from chemical overloads.
  3. Samantha works part-time helping a variety of non-profits, ministries and companies with marketing, branding and graphic design.
  4. Wiepie is married to a fourth-generation farmer and together they raise most of their own food. They got engaged while on a motorcycle trip through Nepal.
  5. Samantha is married to a skateboarder turned ranch hand. They met skateboarding and they spent their first year of marriage leading a skateboarding ministry school across Europe.
  6. Wiepie’s newest passion is learning optimal nutrition for fertility.
  7. Samantha is currently pursuing an education in community herbalism.
  8. We’re both moms of little girls and embrace natural childbirth, breastfeeding and lots of playing in the dirt.
  9. We love exploring state parks. Wiepie is a personal trainer and uses it to push Samantha's limits when they’re out mountain biking Big Bend or kayaking Caddo Lake.
  10. We’re Weston A Price groupies to the core and love ancient foods as well as ancient skincare.

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